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Cheryl Wilson

Cheryl Wilson's artist statement:

A painting is so much more than a picture of something. In the painting process I want to express more than a mere record of my subject. I want the painting to have character, not "just a pretty face." Paint itself has character and with a mind of its own. If every painting were purely up to me, then every painting would be a success. That is so woefully not the case. No, the paint and I must cooperate with each other. I must enter into an agreement with it, work and wait for the magic to happen, for my eyes to open wide and I say, "That’s it!" But then sometimes I must start over from the beginning because I have worked too hard to make the paint behave itself and it refuses. Touch and go. Hours of practice. Painting until I can finally say, "I love working with the paint, watching it express itself."

The arts and crafts of Cheryl Wilson are busily underway at her home in the woods of Nevada City where she lives with her husband Bill, the gourd artist, and their good dog Monte, who poses for Cheryl quite often.

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oil on canvas
oil on canvas
Abby Extreme
oil on canvas
36" x 12"
Michel [sold]
oil on canvas
10" x 10"
Reno Fox [sold]
oil on canvas
11" x 14"
oil on canvas
Sutter Creek Cow
oil on canvas
Sleepy Fox
oil on canvas
Red Umbrella Blues
oil on canvas
16" x 20"
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