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Jim Dunn

Jim Dunn is a California native and a lifelong photographer and camera designer. He has spent the majority of his photographic career doing technical, wedding, and portrait photography. In addition he developed camera and telemetry systems for various spacecraft including Voyager, the space shuttle, the International Ultraviolet Explorer, and others. In 1998 he documented the life cycle of a nesting pair of red-tailed hawks in San Diego and so began a transition to wildlife photography. In his words, "as a photographer my passion for birds is visual – I am in thrall to the forms, textures, colors, and patterns that have evolved in our feathered cousins. Discovering that I have captured all of this in one of my images is more than sufficient compensation for the many hours spent cold, wet, and insect-bitten."

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Warning at Dawn
20" x 24"
Dawn at Wildhorse [sold]
20" x 30"
Roar of Rising Wings
48" x 31"
Juvenile Green Herons
20" x 24"
30" x 20"
48 " x 28"
Least Tern
30 " x 20"
Western Gull
30" x 20"
Smoky Dawn
20" x 24"
20" x 30"
Wood Duck Male
30" x 20"
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