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Zbigniew Kozikowski

Zbigniew Kozikowski

Zbigniew Kozikowski was one of 13 lucky high school graduates accepted by one of the finest art schools in Europe – The Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow, Poland. After graduating with a Master of Fine Arts degree, he began working as a studio artist and travelling in Eastern and Western Europe, participating in many art seminars, workshops and exhibitions.

A little over 20 years ago he moved with his family to California and instantly became inspired by its scenery. Vibrant colors along with cubist, almost geometrical forms started to dominate his paintings, which are not of a particular place but rather an interpretative vision of his imagination. The powerful reds and magentas, luscious oranges and aquas and deep, rich blues are bold enough to evoke emotion and his courageous use of these colors propels his paintings to transpire the ordinary.

"I believe that what we perceive as a visual world is only a phenomenon, repeatedly created by light. In light, we find the deepest meaning of existence. Its immateriality is the source of materiality for our senses. My aim is to change it into colored spots so harmonized that they become the materialization of light, called color."

His works also reflect a constant pushing of the usual boundaries in terms of materials, methods, colors and subjects. We can find a mixed use of acrylic, oil, watercolor and various texturizing elements as well as an integration of abstract forms and the vivacious beauty of nature and light. The freshness of experimentation is alive in Kozikowski's work and it is this life, ultimately, which captivates us. It has been said that when art has this effect, it transcends boundaries between nations and rises above contemporary judgments on esthetics and style.

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Red Sweater #2
oil on canvas
48" x 36"
Walk Away
oil on canvas
36" x 36"
Something Special
acrylic on canvas
Walking in the Rain [sold]
giclee print
14" x 11"
acrylic on canvas
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